Who the hell is Irene Hell

"This is an amazing time we live in." - Irene Hell

Irene Hell is an independent German journalist who raises hell to cover the best stories and interviews for the best media in the world.

If you are a billionaire, a world leader or somebody who walks over water and moves mountains you have the best chances to be interviewed by her.

You will love it.
Irene is an angel who always does "a hell of a good job".

The concept of Irene Hell News

Irene Hell News (IHN) is a new concept of an international agency which portrays the most intriguing personalities for the most sophisticated media in the world.

IHN is commited to communicating the messages of the world leaders, entrepreneurs and personalities who make a difference to a worldwide audience in print media, broadcast and on the internet.

The vision of Irene Hell, the founder of Irene Hell News, is to support important initiatives, to show new perspectives and to inspire with stories you have never experienced before.