"We have to bridge the gap between what we do and what we say", Clinton urges. His voice echoes as if is coming from a higher sphere. After a life in politics, the former President knows all the tricks. Nobody gets away with sweet cheap talk. Clinton calls for action. Aspirants for membership in his elitist Clinton Global Initiative are obliged to make a commitment. The participants are free to choose their own causes and the amount they want to invest as long as they give at least 20 000 dollars. But if they do not deliver on their promise, they will be expelled from CP (Clinton Paradise).

Environmental projects are one of the big focus areas of the CGI.

The adventurous British billionaire Sir Richard Branson promised to invest $3 billions of profits made by his Virgin companies into the development of environmentally friendly fuels - his first bio fuel jets have already taken off.

Humanitarian projects: Having financed the rebuilding of energy efficient houses for the victims of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have promised to rebuild flooded schools in Haiti.

Health and nutrition projects: Bill Gates came to see Bill Clinton in order make more commitments for people affected by aids and the food crisis. "You have to be willing to finance failure," Bill Clinton encourages the other Bill during a very personal conversation. Even though the fight against aids has turned out to be one of the world's toughest challenges, Bill Gates is more committed than ever. "Philanthropic work is more fun than running Microsoft", Gates confesses.

The Ukraine Oligarch and art lover Victor Pinchuk has chosen to invest in education. He finances scholarships for the future elite of his country. Hermann Buehlbecker, a German cookie-mogul supports Clinton's Afghanistan initiative with a training on the job scheme for young Afghanistan men. In his factory in Aachen Buehlbecker trains them how to bake.

The Afghan bakers by trade learn new ways to process the harvest of their fields: instead of using the poppy for opium, they bake a poppy-seed cake.

Peter Buffett, an Emmy Award-winning American musician and composer, has put his joker on "the girl effect". The son of US billionaire Warren Buffett says he is following the success strategy of his legendary father. Warren Buffet made a fortune by investing in undervalued companies. "Women are also undervalued", Peter Buffett observes. Together with Nike, Buffett is funding a 100 million dollar program for African girls. How much has he given? "75 Million dollars", Peter Buffett tells Irene Hell News.

Clinton does not take a penny of the billion dollar commitments made by the members of his CGI: All the money which is committed to projects around the world goes directly into the chosen causes without being channelled through the Clinton Foundation or any other Clinton related organization.

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