They all joined the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in order to transform ideas into action.

This organisation was launched by Clinton in 2005 as a non-profit, non-partisan catalyst for action, bringing together a community of global leaders to find and implement innovative solutions to some of the world's most pressing challenges. Clinton is hosting his Annual Meeting parallel to the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York. For the 5th time the CGI members will meet at the Sheraton Hotel at the end of September in New York.

To some of the participants Clinton's "General Assembly" is a revelation. The silver hair of the high priest of charity shines like a halo. The blinking stars of the CGI logo are a symbol of hope. "We have to focus on our common humanity", Clinton urges. After surviving life-threatening heart disease necessitating a quadruple bypass operation, Clinton has now started a new life - a life after politics.

Like a phoenix Clinton has risen above earthly feelings of revenge and resentment. The attacks and the purgatory of the impeachment attempt that was pushed by his Republican enemies are past (life) history. As are the mud-wrestling and the assaults against him and his wife Hillary on Fox News and other press owned by his former mogul enemy Rupert Murdoch.

With a messianic smile and open arms, Clinton embraces everybody who is willing to support his fight for a better world, even the power-obsessed man who caused some of his worst nightmares. Mogul Murdoch gave Clinton the first check for his new Clinton Global Initiative. This miracle ignited a phenomenon some describe as "Billanthropy" - a new type of fast spreading "virus" which makes you feel good even though you are spending all your money on children in despair.

Even Republicans find it hard to resist joining the club of the charismatic Democrat.

Some Republicans have been a little bit intimidated by the Clinton crowd, which is dominated by Democrats. "I was not sure if they would let me in. Therefore I said I know Bono", George Bush Senior told Clinton. In their common Clinton/Bush initiative the two former Presidents joined forces in 2005 in order to help the victims of the devastating Indian Ocean tsunamis and Hurricane Katrina.

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